Planning & Design Development

We aim to incorporate our client’s preferences and ideas into functional, safe, and beautifully designed concepts.
We work on custom house plans, floor plan design, as-built plans, or plans for an accessory dwelling unit. All of our drafts and designs are carefully thought out and developed.

Drafting Services

When it comes to CAD drafting services, our detail-oriented approach and deep expertise guarantee the project is completed on time and within the budget. 3D house design is our specialty, and our 3D house plans convey functionality, layout, and atmosphere of your future residential indoor area.


Obtaining Building Permits

Our team is able to prepare all construction documentation and take your project through the permitting process in the shortest possible time. Choosing Yakov Design will save you time, money, and hassle when obtaining a building permit for your latest project.


Expert Drafting & Design Services with Fast Project Completion

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Yakov Design fields a staff of designers and draftsmen with a mission to provide various services in accordance with the project demands of any size, from small backyard bungalows to larger residential properties.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver expert services, and the ability to meet your deadlines, even the tightest ones. Most importantly, we are on a mission to make construction and design plans affordable.

We help with

New Construction

If you’re at square one with you new construction, we want to help you with drafting and designing the project. Yakov Design handles both one and two story house plans, as well as accessory dwelling units and smaller homes. We also draft and design custom house plans per your special needs. A professional CAD drafter will work with you to formulate a layout that suits your practical needs, but also carries style and character. 

All kinds of


At some point in its lifetime, a building is worthy of redesigning or repurposing to serve a new ambition of the owner. Your main residential property can be given a complete makeover , and garages or accessory dwelling units can be repurposed into small homes, studios, or recreational areas. 

We tackle remodeling from two angles, the design of the interior space and exterior house design. While the purpose of the exterior design is to look attractive, home interior design is much broader. We conceive every interior design as practical and functional, but foremost pleasing and comfortable.

Any home or garage


Construction of additional square footage on your property can be a great investment, and we want to help make additions affordable. Whether that means expanding your kitchen, increase living area, or adding an extra bathroom, your project shouldn’t break the bank.

We take every project seriously and strive to offer a comprehensive service even for a small house design. Special attention is given to make the most out of the available space and achieve unparalleled functionality. We want our clients to feel comfortable in their home, but also let them take pride in the projects they set out to do

Perfecting the


If you are looking for a way to maximize your property’s functionality, new California laws have made it easier than ever to construct an accessory dwelling unit. Adding an ADU to your single-family home is a great way to increase your property value. This second home can serve as a rental unit, bringing you in extra monthly revenue or it can provide your friends and family with a convenient place to stay during visits. All our ADUs are carefully designed to be comfortable, attractive, and functional, providing you with a high-quality space to fit your needs.


About us in a few words:

Yakov Design is a Los Angeles based small residential development and design firm. We specialize in developing floor and house plans, 3D plans, providing drafting services, and assistance in obtaining building permits. Yakov Design’s primary focus is on providing quality and affordable services in the residential sector. Our mission is to strive for success by delivering thoughtful house plan designs. When it comes to client service, we go above and beyond to completely satisfy clients’ needs and provide the most effective design solutions. 

Turn your ideas into reality

Collaboration With Clients

To accomplish our goals, our team of knowledgeable residential draftsmen and designers collaborate with qualified engineers to guarantee the best possible results and turn your ideas into reality. Positive collaboration with clients and a deep understanding of their needs are absolutely vital in our practice for creating and realizing successful projects.

Leveraging our expertise

Our Approach

After working on development and design projects internationally and settling down in Los Angeles, we have developed a distinct approach towards residential design.  It involves leveraging our expertise and aspiration to create one-of-a-kind projects.

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone with any questions, or to schedule a consult with one of Yakov Design’s professionals. 

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